Writing a message to your mom doesn’t request special skills. But if you want to write professionally, you should know all the rules.

We have already told about 5 mistakes young writers make. Today we continue this theme.

1. The Abundance of Exclamation and Question Marks

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An exclamation point (!) is a punctuation mark that performs intonational-expressive and separating functions. It is placed at the end of a sentence to express amazement, strong feelings, excitement.

A question mark (?) is a punctuation mark, usually placed at the end of a sentence to express a question or doubt.

Excessive emotionality in the form of three exclamation points “!!!” and an abundance of questions does not convey feelings, but causes irritation. Even if the text is attractively written, it is easy to spoil it with so many exclamation and question marks.

Advice: Punctuation should be used carefully, and to enhance the effect of the text. Use stylistic techniques.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

2. Lack of Formatting

Reading text without proper formatting doesn’t bring pleasure. Therefore, do not forget to give your text a pleasant appearance. This will improve its visual perception, make text ease to reading, and also serve as a quick memorization.


  • Set line spacing to break lines on the page;
  • Set the letter spacing in words;
  • Spread the words evenly across the line;
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists;
  • Use a larger font for headings.

3. Selling Texts

Forget about this method. Users get bored with frank advertising like “Buy now – pay later”, “Two for the price of one”, “Discount only up to (a certain number)!”.

Of course, this works, but not every time. So diversify the approach to texts. Otherwise, users will think that you are simply pushing your product or service to them.

Advice: Diversify texts with educational content. Share your professional tips and useful information with users. This will help build trust relations and increase brand loyalty.

What Mistakes You Should Avoid to Make Your Text Really Interesting [Part II]

4. Text Without Pictures

No matter how informative the test is, no one will read it without images. Truly the best articles and the best landing pages always imply a mix of text and images, because visually a person perceives 90% of the information.

Advice: Do not forget to back up words with images, photographs, and also learn to create infographics.

5. Quickly and Easily.

What Mistakes You Should Avoid to Make Your Text Really Interesting [Part II]

Quickly written text may contain errors. Writing in haste and with ease is possible, but it threatens an abundance of “water” in your texts.

Therefore, write carefully! Take the time to analyze the statistics, provide the necessary numbers, facts, evidence, working with which you can create a good text.

We hope that the analysis of frequently repeated errors in online copywriting will help you avoid them in the future.

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