Writing texts is usually a creative process. It is easy to imagine a writer surrounded by crumpled drafts and empty coffee cups. Yes, he is passionately passionate about his creation.

But for the majority of people writing is not a hobby. Somebody makes money writing texts, almost everybody faces with essays in college or university. Everything happens differently. Writing is more than a series of rules, tactics, restrictions.

This is not just content. Your text reflects you or the image of the company you work, shows your uniqueness, and, of course, inspires the reader.

So, check the most popular writing mistakes to avoid them and make your texts perfect.

#1 Meaningless Headings and Subheadings


The headline must convey the main idea. A subheading is a text that is used by the addition and explanation of the heading.

Place the main intrigue in the headline, and in the subheading try to include the most important thing that will be discussed in the text. Properly selected headings and subheadings are the secrets of attracting and retaining the attention of readers.

When the user sees a bright, informative, catchy headline he wants to continue to read. This principle can be compared with the principle of opening emails by the subscriber. Will your text be read depends on a successful headline.

#2 Copy the Style

You will not be unique among the competitors if your content is full of common phrases as:

  • We have achieved incredible success …
  • As a progressive company, …
  • We have the honor to inform you …
  • Dear readers, …
  • High quality, wide range, and individual approach …
  • Team of professionals…
  • We provide quality service …
  • The main thing for us is customer care …
  • We’re glad to welcome you…

They make your text as a “template”. SEO experts say: “Content is king”. Why is it so important to write unique texts? Search engines, ranking sites with unique content. It should be unique texts that give the user the opportunity to obtain unique knowledge: data, studies, surveys, facts, figures, which no one wrote before.

Advice: Do not copy! Write about what you think and what you are not afraid to tell your customers personally. Check texts with the help of special programs to make them unique.

#3 Illiteracy


Remember that your content will never be read seriously if it contains mistakes. From the results of the survey, 59% of respondents would prefer not to cooperate with the company, the texts of which contain obvious grammatical errors.

Therefore, you should read the texts carefully and not in a hurry. Give the text to others for proofreading. Use a variety of online spell checking services. Do not forget about spelling dictionaries too!

#4 Too Long Text

Brevity is the soul of wit. The voluminous text is often the result of unfinished interpreters and an abundance of unnecessary semantic loads. It is better to write two short sentences than one long.

#5 Too Many Keywords

Searching for a successful copywriting formula, some authors manage to fill their texts with keywords. It looks rude and unnatural. This tactic may have worked in the past with a bunch of other SEO’s tricks, but now filling your page with keywords will harm your search ranking and push users off.

mistakes to avoid to write text

Today we have discussed five important things you should put attention to while writing texts. If you want to continually boost your writing skills read the second part of popular writing mistakes.

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