5 Copywriting Rules to Write Commercial Texts

You have spent a lot of time and money to develop your website, it has a modern design, promotion, got the first places in the TOPs of search results, but still does not bring any profit?What could be the problem? Perhaps, you take care of your web resource SEO optimization and completely forgot to write […]

The Proper Essay Structure [+ Top Phrases to Use]

An essay is an educational work that let the student to most fully express his own thoughts and ideas about the world. It is good when a topic is understandable and close to a student, but this may not always be the case. Students very often search the internet “who can write my assignment” or […]

What Mistakes You Should Avoid to Make Your Text Really Interesting [Part I]

Writing texts is usually a creative process. It is easy to imagine a writer surrounded by crumpled drafts and empty coffee cups. Yes, he is passionately passionate about his creation. But for the majority of people writing is not a hobby. Somebody makes money writing texts, almost everybody faces with essays in college or university. […]