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5 Copywriting Rules to Write Commercial Texts

You have spent a lot of time and money to develop your website, it has a modern design, promotion, got the first places in the TOPs of search results, but still does not bring any profit?What could be the problem?

Perhaps, you take care of your web resource SEO optimization and completely forgot to write selling content. Did not hear that high-quality content for the site should also be selling?

Well, here we have opened the main secret of increasing the conversion of your site. It is necessary to make really interesting content for your site, familiarization with which will make appear a natural desire to use only your services or buy your product.

How to Create Interesting Commercial Content

Meet 5 completely free but absolutely effective SEO-copywriter rules on how to write an interesting article, the basis of which will be selling content:

Create Commercial Content

#1 Headline

A selling headline will help to attract the attention of a “strolling” visitor. Make him interesting in the possibility of obtaining benefits from studying the main article material, which will significantly increase the likelihood of turning him into a buyer.

To create a “visible” headline, it must be striking (large print, highlighted in bold), contain a favorable offer or call to action, but at the same time have some understatement, which may cause a desire to find out “what is next”.

#2 “K.I.S.S. Rule”

It just means “Keep it simple stupid”. The simplicity of the text will help to “make contact” with any user, whether he is a schoolboy, Ph.D., programmer or builder. How to make an article interesting for each of them? The simplicity of explaining the meaning of the text without the use of complex sentences and abstruse terminology will help you to do this. 

The simplified structure of the text in the form of short sentences and paragraphs of no more than 4-6 lines also helps to create high-quality content for the site, since it creates an easy perception feeling of the text. Long paragraphs of 10–20 lines immediately make you want to skip them or leave the page altogether.

#3 “SLAP Rule”

It is also a simple and understandable rule, that describes what your content should cause your readers to do. “Stop, Look, Act, Purchase”. Your selling text should be visible and draw attention. The reader should stop and read it.

There should be cooperation between design and content work. And here you can’t miss your chance: there should be a call to action. Your text should be oriented on your target audience to make no chances that readers won’t understand and act.

Copywriting Rules

#4 Communication With Audience

The dialogue with the user makes the selling content more “natural”. The visitor should have a feeling of communication with the author. That somebody wants to help him personally and has a desire to solve his problem, as it happens when communicating with the sales manager in a real store. You can ask user questions but do not forget to give answers to them.

#5 Visual Elements

People remember nearly 20% of written information and more then 60% of information that was presented as visual elements. Pictures, banners, videos enhances interesting content for the site and raises the level of visitor confidence. Lists, ratings, TOPs, results of competitions where your website or product has won prizes help the visitor understand what level of quality he is dealing with. 

Infographics will also help to create interesting content for your site. All kinds of graphs, charts, diagrams, and other ways of graphically displaying information indicate your exceptional expertise and competence and also enhance visual perception, which helps to understand the material better and draw the appropriate conclusions.

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